A 2-hour online workshop.
For parents and guardians.

Thursday 1st February 2024

£25 Per Participant

Every parent’s worst nightmare is wondering whether their child or young person is able to withstand adversity and have the ability to resolve issues without violence. In the last few years, the everyday word ‘resilience’ has captured the attention and imagination of parents. educators, health professionals and young people themselves. Resilience has positive connotations and entails understanding and seeking out good outcomes for young people and/or families in circumstances where problems are often expected.

In this workshop we will explore a meaning of resilience where strengths and opportunities are used to build on, rather than (or alongside) problems, deficits or psychopathology to be remedied or treated.

Join this workshop to gain a better understanding and insight of parents’ actual and potential contributions to children’s resilience and to parental resilience, which is sometimes subsumed within ‘family resilience’. This workshop will bring together research, grassroots experience and a faith perspective to help bring a holistic approach to the topic.

This workshop will address:
– Causes of conflict
– Balancing IQ, EQ and SQ
– Toolkit to support Emotional Resilience
"My son attended the Emotional Resilience workshop and to my surprise he not only enjoyed it but said he will attend any future events or workshops organised by yourselves. Thank you!! I would like to know if you could organise a workshop for parents to equip them with some tools and strategies to support their children in their emotional wellbeing."
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Mother of a 13 year old