A series of 4 workshops.
For young adults aged 16-21.


About The Course:
Many young people are affected by the personal, familial, social, and political changes around them. Their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing are greatly impacted by the way they respond to these changes, and it is of paramount importance that the youth of today learn how best to understand and navigate these complex challenges.

A strong sense of being encourages individuals to consider their own thoughts, actions and feelings and those of others. This course engages these issues directly from a well-informed faith perspective, and allows the participating youth to have the frank conversations they cannot have elsewhere in a supervised and healthy setting.

These 4 workshops will enable participants to develop skills of understanding, empathy and interdependence, helping them to form healthy and stable relationships in their lives.

The course addresses:
Fundamental questions that youth struggle with daily:
– How do I identify and apply my strengths?
– How do I acknowledge and own my weaknesses?
– How do I navigate all these mixed approaches and perspectives on family and marriage?
– How do I maintain productivity and performance in my education and at work whilst struggling with issues at home?
– How do I manage my self-esteem, confidence, and efficacy through it all?

I feel relieved that I am not alone and now have some tools and strategies to understand myself better and use in future when I feel stuck. I understand my purpose a lot better and Dr Ruby has given me many things to think about to fine tune the person I would like to be, and the legacy I want to leave behind’”– Nahied (Aged 20)