transformational coaching and mentoring

Dr Ruby has over 25 years experience of working with individuals, families and young people to address the complex challenges of change, parenting and family life. Mahera is a certified coach and offers coaching to transform the lives of individuals and families by bringing love, respect, dignity and trust back at the centre of relationships and familial communication. Mahera offers coaching in the following:

  • Pre Marriage coaching (Individuals)
  • Couples to be and New couples
  • Resolving marital
  • Parents in conflict (Different views of parenting between two parent families)
  • Parents who are considering separation or divorce
  • Parents who are separated/divorced and are struggling with co-parenting
  •  Parents struggling with child/teen behaviour
  • Personal development (Stuck at a crossroad and want support in moving forward)
  •  Academic and career development
  •  Leadership
Dr Ruby also offers tailored coaching sessions for parents who are in care proceedings and seeking to have their children remain with them or to have the children return to them. 

    A telephone call can be arranged if you wish to speak by phone. Not everyone has access to the internet or are comfortable using it; therefore we wish to help you in any way possible, which will be most beneficial to you. We provide support via the telephone, for those who wish to seek it.

    Seek help via email without the fear of someone else knowing or hearing you.

    We understand the many difficulties a parent/individual may face. Often, the daunting thoughts of speaking to someone can act as the main barrier to getting help. Emailing is easier, as you do not need to see the person you are speaking to, and you can email as and when you are ready. Further, it may be that you do not want your family or friend to listen to what you are saying. This method will allow you to seek help without this fear.


    If you prefer to speak but can’t or don’t wish to telephone, then a Skype/Zoom call can be arranged.

    In-Person (Face-2-Face)
    Face-to-face support can be provided for those within London (This can be discussed during consultation call) who are comfortable speaking in person