Family Jigsaws
(Early-Primary Years)

For parents raising children aged 3-12.

5TH JAN – 2ND MARCH 2023
£120 per participant

(20% Couple/Additional friend discount available)

About the course:

The early-primary years are a time of transition and can be challenging for both parents and children. Within a relaxed and safe online learning environment, the course gives parents the opportunity to talk about the everyday challenges as well as sharing the things that are going well. Insightful knowledge, research, real-life experiences from fellow parents and case studies all combine to create a unique understanding on what it takes to be a parent of young children growing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

As children approach the tween years, hormones kick in as does puberty and the pressures of the peer group starts to creep in. Many parents react to their tween’s moodiness and distance their attention from their child. While they may not express it tweens seek security as they try to deal with their exciting but scary world outside the family. Children who feel disconnected from their parents lose their anchor and look for it elsewhere.

The course addresses:

  • Creating firm foundation for tweens to prepare for the teen years
  • How to encourage age-appropriate boundaries and positive discipline – Particular attention will be given to current situation of uncertainty
  • Responsibilities to inculcate the value of interdependence
  • How to be role models and maximize influence! 
  • Self-care to instil self-worth during times of distress
  • Strengthening the bond

“Was incredibly relevant to my life at that moment. Great activities I can take home to kids. I liked the way Dr Ruby brought humour into parenting!” – Khalida (Mother of 8 year old)