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Dr Ruby is co-hosting a parenting session every Sunday with Mohamed Sidat.

A brief introduction to him:

Moulana Mohamed Sidat has over two decades of expertise gained in the global education sector. Ml is the chair of Raedan Institute, he is also an experienced Leadership and Academic expert, CEO, Director of Education, Senior Education Consultant, Coach, Teacher Trainer / CPD Specialist and Cambridge Examiner, with experience in 4 different countries as a Senior Education Consultant, Principal and Headteacher. He is also currently an Exec head having completed his NPQLE. Over the last 2 years we have supported 2000+ students in 30 different countries and recently won the Teacher Training Provider of the year 2019/20 (LPA)

To join use the following link:
Meeting ID: 891 900 8005

Password: AM130918

The sessions will be hosted every Sunday 11.30AM – 1pm.
This is an interactive workshop
Discussion will be on relevant topics with Q & A throughout.

About Mahera Ruby, PhD

Dr Mahera Ruby is an author, community organiser, and personal development & parenting coach

Mahera is a mother to three boys and a daughter in-law. She is passionate about living and sharing a vibrant love of faith and community with her family and her community. She has spent the best part of her voluntary and professional life talking and listening to people from all walks of life. She has always been interested in helping people overcome challenges, expand their experiences and meet their true potential. Her interest in people and their stories led to a career as a researcher, a personal development coach, and a parenting coach.

Mahera coaches professionals, young people, parents and individuals who are seeking to make change, personally develop, grow and maximize their strengths, reach their potential and achieve results. She is keen to develop community leaders and vibrant community organisations.

Mahera completed her PhD in 2015, focusing on intergenerational learning in three-generation families whose origins are in Bangladesh. She has a BSc in Chemistry, a PGCE, and an MEd in Education . She is currently a Teaching Fellow at the University College London, Institute of Education.