Mothers & Daughters:
Healing the Divide

A 2-hour ONLINE workshop
For mothers & daughters

Tuesday 27th Sept 2022
£20 Per Participant

About The Workshop:
Would you like to strengthen the bond between you and your daughter? Mother? What is this special bond between different generations of women? Is there one? What causes the divide and what can help heal the rifts?

This workshop will facilitate the discussion to further understand the issues that impact on the relationships between different generations of women. Mothers and daughters will become more self aware and learn that when the bonds between women are strong they lift and strengthen future generations – if and when they can heal the divide. The sharing of experiences will relieve feelings of shame and failure and shift to better insights and understandings of their interconnected worlds.

Would you like to heal the divide between you and your Daughter? Would you like to prevent a potential divide?

Join this workshop to:
  • Explore the roots of conflict
  • Gain insight into cycles of behaviour
  • Understand the ego
  • Explore strategies to heal the divide