emotional resilience


A 2-hour online workshop.
For young people aged 13-16 years.

Saturday 3rd February 2024.
£25 per participant.

Since the onset of COVID-19 many people have been required to come to terms with a vastly different way of life, while also grappling with the suffering created by the pandemic. Although it is over, it isn’t quite over either as young people in particular are still experiencing ongoing emotional and social challenges that threaten their long-term health and wellbeing. The pandemic has put a huge strain on many young people who were already struggling with their mental health, because of traumatic experiences, social isolation, a loss of routine, losing loved ones and a breakdown in formal and informal support. These challenges continue as young people are still getting used to being in classrooms and sitting exams in person again. They are also impacted by the changing dynamics within the home in light of the current living crisis. Young people are having to navigate complex family and social relationships in an everchanging world.

Enrol your 13-16 year olds on this informative and interactive online workshop. They will gain insights into how to manage anxiety and stress to develop their emotional resilience. Understanding themselves better will enable your young person to regulate emotions and expectations and instil the resilience they need to manage these times of pressure.

This workshop will address:
🔸Signs of anxiety and stress
🔸How to manage personal-family expectations
🔸Managing a more effective routine in this time of chaos
🔸Personal well-being toolkit