A series of 6 workshops.
For teens aged 12-16.

Saturdays 10th June – 15th July
4.30pm – 6pm

For young people becoming self-conscious and the way others see them can result in a journey of experimentation and self-discovery. The development of a confident and stable sense of self can be done in a healthy and age-appropriate way or in a way that includes inappropriate risky behaviours that could potentially have a negative and lasting effect on their lives. A healthy and wholesome journey of discovery will involve asking and understanding the answers to some key questions to enable a young person to explore their values.

This exploratory process may range from a simple questioning of why things are the way they are, to experimentation with different values and beliefs to what they were raised with. As young people experiment with different values and beliefs, their circle of friends may change as well. This phase can be frustrating for many parents, especially when teens challenge the religious or cultural values held sacred by the family, or when young people directly challenge parental authority.

Whether they are questioning the ways of the world or taking inappropriate risks, the young people are trying to find meaning and significance in their families and the world around them.

These six interactive, fun and thought-provoking workshops will enable 12-16year old young men and women to explore the What, When, Where, Who, Why and the How of exploring their sense of identity as young Muslims in a safe and brave space.

“I really enjoyed today’s session. I think it was my favourite out of all of them 🙂 I really liked the stickman task where we wrote about what we would like to be remembered for. It really got me thinking and from now on I will start my day thinking about what I will do to leave a good legacy in the eyes of Allah.” – YOUNG LADY (AGED 14:2021)